I was born here in Green Bay but raised in the small town of Marion, Ohio.  I was raised with the understanding that every single animal had just as much right to be alive as I did so I spent a lot of my childhood saving spiders from shoes and squirrels from my dogs.

In 2017 my mom went through what I jokingly call her mid-life crisis.  She got three puppies within four months:  Vinnie, a pitbull / husky mix, Draco, a German Shepard mix, and Wolfie, a German Shepard / husky / malamute mix.  We already had a six year old golden retriever named Charlie.  Now all of the dogs are mine.  Being around so many animals is what gave me the idea to get a job working with them.  I wanted a job that made it worth it to leave the boys at home so I got a job at the WHS Green Bay animal shelter.  I loved seeing the care that goes into the animals at the shelter but I still wanted more, so here I am at Happy Tails!  I am very excited to learn as much as I can from the doctors here.